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During the book writing process I came across many initiatives who are in need of funding to reach their goals for current and forthcoming projects. With this in mind, a charity drive has been set up below to easily support and grow these collectives.

Make a pledge by clicking on the 'Donate' button. Our pledge is to pass over 100% of your contribution. See the selected projects and organisations from all over Africa below.

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Graff Up Festi (Cameroon)

Since its inception in December 2017, Graff Up festival has featured a variety of the most important Cameroonian graffiti artists and muralists. Each edition focuses on a particular theme with up to four different locations being redecorated and revitalised by their intricate art productions.

Founded by Christo Beks, with participants including Kayaman, Nems, MOC, Graftu HD and Tong, the collective hope to spread their positive messages around a country currently experiencing ethnic tensions and other haphazards. One factor hindering the scale and effectiveness of their project is paint supplies. At their request, any donations for paint and tools will be greatly welcomed.

Contact Christo to arrange addiitional support or sponsors, and find more information about the festival on their Facebook page:

Next edition: (TBC)


Nthillo Studios, Art Gallery and School (Malawi)

NSAGAS are playing an important role in Malawi, creating murals, running outreach programs and teaching art to their students. Director Nixon Malamulo strives to educate and entertain and is always appreciative of additional support.

During our conversations, Mr Malamulo kindly requested help with art materials such as oil and acrylic paints, flat and round brushes, dyes and canvases, and other technological products including computers, projectors, cameras, tripods and lighting equipment. For their Visual Arts and Crafts Free Training Skills (VACFTS) initiative they also require funding for transport and air-conditioners.

"We are eager to proceed with murals in our country and need well wishers to give us a hand." - Nixon Malamulo, October 2020

Read their supporting documents here:

Contact Nixon for more info on +265 888 414 411

Thanks to Throwup Gallery for the initial link up!


Yebo Art and Design (Eswatini)

As a forerunner for public art in Eswatini (Swaziland) since 2010, Yebo hopes to continue their legacy despite debilitating factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years they have facilitated many projects and nurtured young visual artists.


"Whilst creative economies around the world rely on grants, subsidies, scholarships, rehearsal spaces, residencies, public galleries, art schools, etc, here in Eswatini most creatives are left to fend for themselves. The fact that there is a talented art scene at all is testament to the raw talent and inspiration that exists (and is growing) in our country - but we need to nurture this delicate industry that all too often falls to the wayside when we consider topics around 'progress, development & dignity'. The arts, and the artists, need a leg-up, and now more than ever. We need creative thinking and action in our country, and the best way to do this is to support the arts industry and the role-models and innovators that shine a light towards our future." - Dane Armstrong, August 2020

Read their supporting documents here:

Contact them directly via their website:

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l'Association Sèna Street Art (Benin)

ASSART are the creative brains behind Effet Graff, a series of events that take place across Benin to promote art and to educate youth through graffiti. Produced by visual artist Mr Stone, the collective has played a positive role for communities and looks forward to buidling further momentum. Any support will solidify their efforts and broaden their scope.


Currently they are painting awareness murals for the Coronavirus crisis and are planning their next big event.

Check out their festival page and raise any questions here:

Next edition: 2021 (T.B.A.)

Additional projects: